Burke County serial flasher accused of exposing himself to census worker

Burke County serial flasher accused of exposing himself to census worker

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. — A man accused of being a serial flasher has been arrested again in Burke County after deputies said he exposed himself to a census worker at his home.

According to court documents, the census worker visited Tristan Coffey's home on Smokey Creek Road, north of Valdese, for address canvassing.

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She told authorities that when she returned to her car, Coffey exposed himself and then performed a sex act on himself in the driveway.

When the woman tried to leave, she said the 20-year-old followed her down the driveway.

She told Channel 9 that she was shocked by what happened, and tried to take a photo of Coffey before he ran back inside his home.

“What could I have done better?" she said. "What if I walked quicker to my car? What if I didn’t turn my back to him while he walked to the house? It’s not my fault that he did this crazy thing and it’s not anybody’s fault but his.”

<p>Tristan Coffey</p>

Tristan Coffey

(Tristan Coffey)

Coffey was charged with misdemeanor use of premises for indecent exposure.

This is the ninth time Coffey has been arrested in either Burke County or Caldwell County on indecent exposure charges.

Deputies said they have investigated similar cases involving Coffey at a car wash,at local businesses and even while a woman was walking her dog.

Clarissa Parker told Channel 9 that Coffey exposed himself while she was closing up a store near Rutherford College.

“I think it is absurd," Parker said. "It’s ridiculous they keep letting him out. He needs to be institutionalized somewhere.”

Coffey has also been charged with stalking and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in previous cases.

He was booked into the Burke County Jail under a $35,000 bond.