Burke County town to renovate historic textile mill for affordable housing community

VALDESE, N.C. — There’s another affordable housing option coming to Burke County -- a $12 million project could turn an old textile mill into dozens of affordable rentals for families.

Town leaders say the historic textile mill dates back to the 1930s. It has seen tough times recently after being vacant for years, but that could change.

Dogwood Health Trust announced that it plans on investing in affordable housing in downtown Valdese.

The nonprofit in Asheville is contributing $2 million toward the $12.3 million renovation project that will create affordable rental housing for 60 families.

Channel 9 learned the remaining costs will be funded through the low-income tax credit and state and federal historic mill tax credit.

Northwestern Housing Enterprises expects to begin construction this summer.

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty walked around the old mill on Wednesday and could see needles on the ground. Longtime residents said it has become an eyesore, but the town believes the renovation could be good for Burke County.

“Putting 60 apartments in that old mill will bring a lot of people downtown and give a lot of people a place to rent reasonable,” resident Harold Passbor said.

Town leaders believe the renovations will be completed by early 2024. They said the renovation could be good for the downtown area.

“Sixty new units in downtown Valdese in an old mill is going to be wonderful for our downtown and wonderful for our community,” town manager Seth Eckard said.

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