Carolina Panthers introduce facial recognition entry at the stadium

CHARLOTTE — On Sunday, some Carolina Panthers fans will be able to get into the game at Bank of America Stadium by just showing their face instead of their mobile ticket.

This weekend is the soft launch for facial recognition entry at the stadium.

Paper tickets have been a thing of the past since 2019. Now, with express entry, the goal is to get rid of the QR codes and scanning your ticket to get into the stadium.

Facial recognition is the future at Bank of America stadium thanks to a partnership with Verizon Business. For the first phase, club season ticket members can enter Sunday’s game simply by walking up to an iPad that will match their face with a pre-registered selfie linked to their ticket account.

“Our goal … from a fan experience perspective is to get through to their seats to watch and experience the event, so anything that we’re doing is about improving ingress into the facility,” said Caroline Wright, SVP Chief Venues Officer with Tepper Sports & Entertainment.

Privacy is paramount so for now, you must opt-in and register to use express entry.

“Some of this technology can be concerning for people and so we want to make sure we’re moving at a pace that’s comfortable for them,” Wright added.

After the soft launch on Sunday, this technology won’t be available until next season, and only to season ticket holders.

Stadium staff will be on hand to help or scan a mobile ticket if there are any issues.

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