Carolina Strong: Local farm offers solace for veterans

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — For three to four days a week, you can find Diane Colvin getting her hands dirty either with tomato plants and herbs or suited up among the gentle buzz of honey bees.

After 37 years in the military, Colvin said she has found solace and family while volunteering at the Veteran Healing Farm.

“This is my family. I don’t have any family other than my dog. So this gives me a place, you know, a place to be social and feel like I have a team again,” Colvin said.

Diane has been volunteering here at the Veterans Healing Farm for about a year. She’s one of hundreds who come to work here on the 9-acre property in Hendersonville.

Megan Landreth, the director of operations, explained that there is nothing quite like their farm anywhere. The farm offers various therapies, including the work Diane says she is involved in.

It’s work Colvin said she is very proud of.

“It’s a way to share your knowledge, be together, and try to help the next generation. To be able to get to where you can use your hands and then see the fruits of your labor is really valuable,” Colvin said. “Sometimes after I do my thing with the teams before I leave, I’ll just go over by the creek and sit and be quiet; maybe get some pictures or video and kind of go over my feelings, and it just gives me peace.”

>> What makes the Veterans Healing Farm unique, in the video at the top of the page.

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