Carolina Strong: Woman uses the power of food to help others battling cancer

CHARLOTTE — One woman’s cancer diagnosis not only changed her perspective on life but also put her on the path to serving others.

Through her organization, Feast for Good, Kristi Martin feels she is lessening the load for those in her community.

She said she ensures those battling cancer, such as Melvin Crawford, have a good meal when they need one.

Martin, who has spent years in the hospitality industry, said this cause is deeply personal to her.

“When I got diagnosed with leukemia, I had a ton of the local chefs, restaurants, and culinary providers that actually fed me and my husband, and they brought meals to me and created a meal train. And it was so much of a, you know, a blessing basically to have fresh meals and then also have that camaraderie and have people help,” Martin explained.

She said she started Feast for Good two years ago to feed those who are going through cancer treatment at local eateries.

“I know sometimes it’s weird to say that you’re, you know, getting a cancer diagnosis, and it’s a blessing, but I feel like, you know, sometimes things like this, like we said, you know, change your perspectives. And, you know, it kind of made me, put me on a road that, you know, now I know is being helpful to others,” Martin said.

>> Crawford explained how Feast for Good is fueling others during some of their darkest moment, in the video at the top of the page.

Every day, there are people across the Carolinas doing extraordinary things. They’re giving back, they’re helping each other, and they’re making a real difference. We’re highlighting the best in our community in our series, Carolina Strong.

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