Catawba County law enforcement gives out Thanksgiving meals to those in need

NEWTON, N.C. — Law enforcement in Catawba County spent Friday morning providing Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

The Catawba County Fraternal Order of Police plans to feed over 100 families.

Several retired officers loaded up their vehicles to deliver the food, as some of the families can’t leave their homes on their own.

It is the 39th year the Fraternal Order has given out food to those who need it.

“I like to tell people that law enforcement are here to help,” said Carl Pope of the Fraternal Order. “We don’t just put a uniform on every day...looking to write tickets and lock people up.”

Some meals will be taken to schools, where resource officers will deliver them to families, while other meals will be taken straight to families.

>> In the video at the top of the page, Channel 9′s Dave Faherty explains the mission of the Catawba County Fraternal Order this Thanksgiving.

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