CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man catches would-be porch thief in the act

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A would-be package thief was thwarted by a Charlotte homeowner with a camera.

The homeowner told Channel 9 that his doorbell camera caught a woman apparently trying to steal a box from his porch on Cavendish Court near Providence Road in south Charlotte.

When he opened the door to ask what she was doing, she told him she was bringing it in for him before quickly running off.

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“I was wondering why someone would be on my porch when I already had my packages delivered," Mike, who did not release his last name, said.

His doorbell camera recorded her.

"I wanted it to play out and see what was going to happen, giving her the benefit of the doubt," Mike said.

He watched as she tried to remain inconspicuous and pretended to knock on his door as a truck passed by.

"And I watch her do this standing 10 feet from the door knowing full well she did not knock on the door," Mike said.

He said she began to rifle through his delivery, which was a box of food.

Mike opened the door to ask what she was doing.

"I knew full well what was going on," Mike said. "I got the package from her."

The woman left peacefully.

Mike tracked her down and found her nearby going door to door with a man. He called the police and they stopped and questioned the pair.

It is uncertain whether the woman will be charged with a crime.

The investigation is ongoing.

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