CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Postal worker fired after dumping mail into Long View dumpster

LONG VIEW, N.C. — Officials said a postal worker has been fired after dumping more than 160 pieces of mail into a dumpster at a Long View recreation center.

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Police said the worker threw away the mail from northwest Long View last week.

Officers climbed into the dumpster to retrieve the mail, which included bank and financial statements along with birthday cards.

Channel 9's Dave Faherty spoke with officers, who showed him images of the mail they found in the dumpster.

Alan Bumgarner works at the rec center and told Channel 9 he spotted the discarded mail while throwing away some trash.

He said he checked the center's surveillance cameras and that's when he spotted the postal worker dumping the mail.

"I could not believe it.  It was beyond words. Knowing it was mail that was suppose to be delivered," said Bumgarner.

In the video footage officials released Monday, the postal truck can be seen pulling up to the dumpster, but because it's still an active investigation they have not released the full video.

Sgt Scott Pitts with the Longview Police Department said, "It's disturbing because I'm a victim of having my mail lost several times myself.  I could only imagine how people feel.  We're taking it very seriously and the postal service is taking it very seriously."

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Kenny Autrey is one of the victims and said he's not sure why the postal worker did it and what mail he's missing.

"I actually think it's appalling, that's my mail you know, and I expect to get my mail," said Autrey.

The postal service told Channel 9 that they are trying to deliver the mail recovered in the dumpster.

Police are working with the U.S. Postal Service on the case.

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