Channel 9 travels across NC looking for friends of Shanquella Robinson

CHARLOTTE — The family of Shanquella Robinson is still searching for answers after her mysterious death in Mexico.

The FBI issued an arrest warrant last week for an unidentified friend who was on that trip. Federal and international investigations into Robinson’s death are ongoing, and Channel 9 is still trying to get ahold of people she went to Cabo with.

Channel 9’s Joe Bruno traveled across North Carolina trying to track down four friends who were on that trip.

One of the hundreds of cases on the docket at the Gaston County Courthouse Thursday involved one of the people who was in Mexico with Shanquella Robinson. He pleaded guilty to a minor speeding charge, paying $15 in addition to fees. Bruno wanted to talk with him afterward, but he wasn’t present. An attorney appeared on his behalf and said he hasn’t been retained for the Shanquella Robinson case.

Since nearly everyone on the trip with Robinson has changed or disconnected their phone numbers, Bruno hit the road to get in touch with them in person.

No one was present at the first home in Jamestown, which is in Guilford County, but as he rang the doorbell, Bruno noticed a business card taped to the door. The card was for a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office investigator. The department declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

Bruno had no luck in Winston-Salem at a home associated with another person on the trip. And after a 45-minute ride to another home in Greensboro, he was told the person who was on the trip with Robinson no longer lives there.

Because no suspects or people of interest have officially been named, Channel 9 is not identifying anyone we attempted to reach.

Though the state attorney general in that part of Mexico issued an arrest warrant for one of the people on that trip, Channel 9 has been unable to confirm any arrests have been made. That person has not been named by authorities.


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