Charleston church announces plan for memorial honoring victims from 2015 mass shooting

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Emanuel Ame Church will hold a special service celebrating its 200th year in Charleston, S.C.

Earlier this week, a church historian said the church played a continuous role in the "Holy City."

Members reflected on the positive memories over the last 200 years and remembered the nine people who were shot and killed in the church three years ago.

"It's certainly just an example of resilience, and example of hope," historian Lee Bennett said. "And, I think that's why it's been such a significant part of the Charleston area."

Three years ago, nine parishioners were killed during a Bible study.

The church is working on a memorial for the victims of the mass shooting. The church said a marble fountain with stone benches that represent angel wings will soon sit by the church.

The fountain will include the names of each parishioner killed and a pathway will lead to a prayer garden.

The same architect who designed the 9/11 Memorial in New York made the plans for the Charleston church memorial.

A foundation connected to the church needs to raise an estimated $15 to $20 million for construction, maintenance, and security.

It is estimated that a memorial would take two years.

Dylann Roof walked into the Charleston church and shot and killed nine parishioners during a Bible study.

Investigators said Roof had a note in his car with the names of the several churches.

He also had a Confederate flag, a gun, and an empty box of ammunition.

Roof is appealing his death sentence.

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