Charlotte charter school to close unexpectedly Friday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For parents dropping off their students at Concrete Roses Stem Academy in southeast Charlotte Thursday morning, the reality was still setting in.

"The kids broke down, started crying and that hurts me when the kids started crying, saying they didn't want to go to another school," said parent John Williams.

Officials said the problem is funding.  According to documents obtained by Channel 9, the school was being funded for 300 students but only had 126 enrolled.  That led to the school being placed on financial disciplinary status, effectively cutting off its cash.
School officials handed out a notice Thursday morning said the doors would close Friday.

"Hello, today's Thursday. Tomorrow's Friday," said one parent. "That only gives us a day-and-a-half notice."

Parents are aggravated because some spent hundreds on school supplies and uniforms only for the doors to close in less than a month.

The mission statement of the school stated it focused on science, technology, engineering and math specifically for at-risk youth. However, some parents complained the school did not have textbooks in some classes.

The school's director said he and a group of parents are working diligently to raise money to keep the doors open, but as of now they will close Friday.