Charlotte city manager unveils $2.7B budget

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte’s City Manager revealed details in his proposed budget Monday.

The proposed $2.7 billion budget does not include a tax increase, but it does introduce several new programs, and moves funding away from some familiar projects.

The city is not moving forward with a joint communications center in north Charlotte because it is no longer needed.

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Instead, the tens of millions of dollars slated for it will go to fire infrastructure, finishing the Cross Charlotte Trail and Charlotte’s Strategic Energy Plan.

The police budget is increasing by 3.7% to just over $300 million. The city is launching a $1.2 million program that will train civilians to respond to mental health calls.

The budget includes pay raises for city employees with a new minimum salary.

No full-time employee for the city will make less than $38,000.

The city manager said the budget puts the city in good position to emerge from the pandemic.

“We had no idea how long this would last,” said city manager Marcus Jones. “And we started off last year with a budget that talked about resilience and recovery. For us, we believe this is an extension.”

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The city of Charlotte is also moving forward with plans to shift funding to the Arts and Science Council.

In total, art programs will receive $6 million, with $2 million which will come from stimulus funds. The private sector is expected to match that.