Charlotte FC crowds near top of MLS

CHARLOTTE — On July 3, Charlotte FC faced Inter Miami CF at Bank of America Stadium. Despite the absence of Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi — otherwise engaged with the Argentinian national team in Copa America — the match attracted 47,218 fans, fifth highest for a Charlotte FC match.

As Major League Soccer approaches a one-month regular season break for its Leagues Cup tournament, Charlotte FC ranks second in the league in attendance. That’s right in line with the club’s box office performance during its first two seasons in 2022 and 2023.

Through 12 of 17 regular season home matches, Charlotte is averaging 34,333 fans per game. Atlanta United FC leads the 29-team MLS in attendance, followed by Charlotte FC and the Seattle Sounders. Those three teams are the only clubs in the league with average home crowds of 30,000-plus.

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