• Charlotte man accused of threatening driver with gun during road rage incident


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - A Charlotte man is facing a felony charge -- all because Rock Hill Police said he couldn't control himself on Interstate 77 when another driver cut him off.   

    It was just after 4 p.m. Wednesday, when witnesses saw two drivers repeatedly and recklessly cutting each other off on I-77 South in Rock Hill. That's when police said William Dial, 72, pulled a gun and waived it at the other driver.

    Dial is charged with pointing and presenting a firearm.  

    >> Eyewitnesses to the road rage incident called into 911 to describe the wild scene. WATCH the video above, with the suspect in the case sounding off.

    (Listen to the 911 calls below)

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    According the report, Dial told police he pulled a .38 caliber pistol and waved it at the other driver. The man, driving a Saturn sedan, is not named by police. According to reports, he followed Dial down the interstate while calling 911. He described the truck and told police where the suspect had parked, outside a liquor store at Celanese Road and Riverchase Blvd.

    Officers found the gun on the seat of Dial’s Toyota truck.  

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