Charlotte man says he paid DMV late fee because of backlogged requests

Charlotte man says he paid DMV late fee because of backlogged requests

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte couple said the DMV charged them a late fee on their SUV because of a backlog due to the pandemic.

Evan Doughty said he and his wife renewed the SUV’s registration and sticker but never got them. After the deadline, Doughty’s wife went to the DMV to pay the renewal fee again and was slapped with a late fee of $20.

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“I am living on my military retirement without social security and, for me, even a small processing fee is significant,” Doughty said. “I tried contacting (the DMV). I couldn’t get through to anybody that could really help.”

Doughty emailed Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke, who contacted the DMV.

“The person from DMV immediately called me after you talked to them and refunded the $20,” Doughty said the day after Stoogenke made the call.

Doughty said he also tried to renew the registration on his van. The deadline passed and Doughty said he never got that registration and sticker, either.

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“I’ve driven it a couple times and nobody stopped me, but, still, I want to be legal. I want to be playing by the rules.”

Stoogenke got involved, and the DMV provided Doughty with the necessary documents to keep his van on the road.

Doughty has a third vehicle, which is also due for registration renewal and he said he’s hoping he won’t need to contact Stoogenke.

A DMV official said the delays were also caused because they are moving the headquarters from Raleigh to Rocky Mount.

They are working on catching up with backlogged transactions, officials said.

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