Charlotte Squawks returns for 19th run

CHARLOTTE — One of Charlotte’s best annual events is back: Charlotte Squawks. The comedy show pokes fun at everything and everyone, from local politicians and news stories to Eyewitness News Reporter Joe Bruno.

Bruno was spared this year but plenty of others were not.

“It’s kind of like ‘Saturday Night Live’ meets ‘Forbidden Broadway,’” show creator and star Mike Collins said. “We take rock, pop, rap, Broadway, you name it. We change all the words and we make fun of Charlotte and politicians, and just things that are part of the social zeitgeist.”

In the morning, Mike Collins hosts Charlotte Talks on WFAE. At night, he stars in Charlotte Squawks. Brian Kahn, attorney at McGuireWoods LLP writes the script. Collins directs and acts in the production.

“We try to be as fair and balanced as we can. And I think this year, we actually are balanced,” Collins said. “It’s been easy this year, because you’ve got these two guys running for president. They’re equally old and they have equal foibles. We take them both to task.”

Collins says if you like local news and comedy, this show is for you. Performances run through June 29 at Booth Playhouse in Uptown.

“Our entire show is about what’s happening locally,” he said. “It’s a news-based show. So if you’re a news consumer, you’ll actually understand this show. If you’re not, you might be a little lost.”

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