‘We are helping’: Charlotte startup creates COVID-19 vaccine registration platform

CHARLOTTE — The idea came to Addy Kapur 14 years ago. When his daughter was sick, he noticed his wife spent a lot of time in the morning trying to call doctors and schedule an appointment.

He set out to create an easier way, and that’s how TimeTap was born.


TimeTap has a diverse set of clients using the company’s online appointment scheduling software, from large companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, to local entities like CPCC.

Now, thousands are using it across the country to sign up for COVID-19 vaccines.

“It seemed like as soon as vaccines were announced, they got cleared and people all of the sudden had doses and they were scrambling,” Kapur said. “Like, oh my God, now we have doses and we have no way to administer them.”

Pitt County, which is home to Greenville, uses TimeTap to provide services to numerous other communities and clinics across the country. Kapur said one of the companies behind one of the three COVID-19 vaccines is using TimeTap to schedule vaccinations for their employees.

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“I was on a call with them and they were, like, ‘Thank you for this offer,’ and I was, like, ‘No, thank you for making the vaccine,’” he said.

Some pharmacies and clinics are asking people to call to set up appointments. Software like TimeTap allows those places to focus more on serving patients instead of having someone spend their time answering calls.

“If you want to schedule vaccines, if the system you are using is crashing, and you want a little more streamlined (system), you can call us,” he said. “We are helping.”

Kapur said that each new client is exciting, but it feels good to assist during the pandemic.

“We didn’t expect it to be so sudden and so big,” he said. “It feels good to be able to help.”

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