Charlotte tax preparer accused of getting $600K worth of false tax refunds for clients

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte tax preparer is locked up in the prime of tax season.

Quandella Walker, who faces identity theft charges, is accused of trying to get more than $600,000 worth of false tax refunds for her clients.

FILE: Quandella Walker lawsuit

Walker was in court Friday, shackled in a blue jumpsuit and guarded by U.S. Marshals outside federal court.

The assistant U.S. attorney left court Friday with Internal Revenue Service investigators who said Walker knowingly used false income information and her own bank account to keep a portion of inflated tax refunds.

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Will Piner, a certified public accountant, warned taxpayers to not work with a CPA or tax preparer who wants a percentage of your refund.

"The IRS is cracking down on it,” Piner said. “If you've filed a return with one of these folks, they're going to come knocking on your door. That's certainly a red flag, and that might be somebody that's trying to file a false tax return."

Investigators searched for Walker for more than a month.

She was arrested in Polk County and found with six fake driver's licenses, court records show.

Court documents show Walker prepared more than 100 tax returns over the last eight years.

"Ultimately, if they file a false tax return, you're still responsible for the tax or for the back taxes,” Piner said.

There's no indication if any of Walker’s clients are facing charges.

"Be careful. Take your time,” Walker said. “Pick the right CPA, and pick one that's ethical."

Walker will be back in court Wednesday for her arraignment and bond hearing.

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