Child dies, another hospitalized as strep cases spike in Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE — Step throat is something that usually happens during the winter months but doctors say they’re seeing a spike in cases in Mecklenburg County.

Data from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services shows that Mecklenburg County is dealing with an increase in strep throat cases more than anywhere else in the state.

Since October, the county has seen 15 cases of invasive pediatric strep throat. The health department would not share the ages of the children but did say one child was hospitalized last month and another child died.

Channel 9′s Dan Matics learned that both children were infected with a severe strain that’s puzzling local doctors.

Despite the deadly case, doctors say parents should pay attention to their children but not overly worry.

Dr. Arin Piramzadian with StarMed says it’s important for parents to know the symptoms.

“If your child has a sore throat, if they’re having those white pustules on the back of their tonsils, if they’re having fevers, they’re not feeling well, it’s definitely worth going to your primary health provider or urgent care,” Dr. Piramzadian said.

Tasha Bailey’s son Jaidyn will start kindergarten in the fall. She said he’s never had strep throat but she agrees with Dr. Piramzadian about not worrying about it too much.

“Kids are going to be kids. The best thing you can do is realize that if your child is sick is to keep them at home,” Bailey said. “Get them to a doctor, get them on antibiotics.”

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