City of Charlotte dishes out $30M to help keep small businesses afloat

City of Charlotte dishes out $30M to help keep small businesses afloat

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Small businesses have taken a hard hit during the pandemic. Many have struggled just to stay open, but now there may be some relief to help 2,500 local small businesses stay afloat.

The City of Charlotte is in the process of handing out more than $90 million dollars of CARES act funding and most of that will go to help businesses get through the coronavirus pandemic.

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About $30 million dollars was doled out to small businesses with most of that money going to places that employ 5 or fewer people.

Another $7.5 million made its way to the food and beverage industry -- a lifeline for many restaurants forced to switch to take out only or close all together at times during the pandemic.

One of the businesses that got a grant is Southern Blossom. The florist received $10,000 from the city.

Owner Giovy Buyers said she didn’t have much luck with PPP and SBA loans so the money went a long way.

“When I received an email from the city of Charlotte saying I have been accepted for the grant, I was super excited. Not only the grant help us financially but it also gave us the hope we were looking for,” Buyers said.

Small businesses with 5 or fewer people received $10,000 and businesses with more than 5 people received $25,000.

The city is still in the process of providing relief to hotels and music venues.

Small business owners get new $30M lifeline from City of Charlotte