14-year-old reportedly sexually assaulted by 2 students at middle school

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police detectives were notified of a sexual assault of a 14-year-old female student by two male students at Whitewater Middle School Thursday in west Charlotte.

The girl's mother, who did not want to be identified, told Channel 9 that the school contacted her Thursday morning and asked her to come to the school. The mother said officials told her that her daughter had been sexually assaulted and that a camera inside the middle school captured the moments before the alleged assault.

“They (the school) told me that they’d seen it on camera,” the mother said. “That she was being pulled in the hallway. They could see where she refused to go along with the boy. There was another young boy that was with him. He didn't do anything to her, but they didn't see any more other than the pulling. Of course, there's no cameras in the restroom."

Once inside the bathroom, the mother said the boy forced her daughter to perform a sex act. She said her daughter eventually got away and ran for help. That’s when the mother said she received a call from the school.

CMPD said they’ve identified the two male students and charges are pending against them.

The community was outraged by the allegations.

“Hold them to the law,” nearby resident Sheila Clark said. “If they’re acting like adults, they need to be punished as adults.”

The victim's mother told Channel 9 she took her daughter to the hospital to be examined. She hopes the students will be charged and receive counseling.

“To be forceful, that person needs to get some help,” she said.

Under North Carolina law, the names of juvenile victims and suspects under the age of 16 are prohibited from being released.

CMS statement:

Good afternoon, Whitewater families. This is Beth Thompson with an important message about our school. Earlier today, I received a report of an alleged assault of a student on our campus. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools police and CMPD have launched an immediate investigation.

As this is an on-going investigation, we are unable to discuss the details of this case. 

We will continue to provide any support needed by law enforcement to fully pursue this case. 

I take this incident and any issues involving student safety at our school very seriously. Our school counselors and staff are available to talk with any students who may need support. As always, please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns you may have about our school.

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