• CMPD chief addresses repeat offenders wearing ankle monitors


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg police met with faith leaders in the community Thursday night at Johnson and Wales University to help build positive relationships.

    They discussed a variety of topics, including the upcoming 2020 Republican National Convention.

    After the meeting, Channel 9 asked Police Chief Kerr Putney about the ongoing issue of suspects getting out of jail and ordered to wear an ankle monitor, only to commit other crimes.

    “I think the numbers speak for themselves,” Putney said. “There's work to do. We have partners. They've convinced me they're going to work as partners to make Charlotte a safer city. I'm going to hold them to their word.” 

    [Man who has been arrested 63 times assaults three officers, police say]

    Romell Mackey, 23, was arrested 63 times and was wearing an ankle monitor when he stole a car, tried to shoplift from a store on South Boulevard and assaulted three officers this week.

    “These individuals that have been arrested as many times as Mr. Mackey, 63 times, they know how the system works, better, or as good as their defense attorney,” said Marcus Philemon, with CharMeck Courtwatch. “They know what they can get away with.”

    Mackey remains in jail Thursday night.

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