• CMPD Chief Putney wants to add assistants to ranks

    By: Glenn Counts


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Channel 9 is taking a closer look at Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerr Putney's plan to shake up police leadership.

    A few days ago Putney sent out an email to his command staff announcing a new rank, an assistant police chief.

    The current structure has the chief, followed by five deputy chiefs.

    But in the new order, there will be a chief, then two assistant chiefs, followed by three-to-five deputy chiefs

    The email said that two deputy chiefs will be promoted in June to their new rank and they will handle most of the day-to-day police operations.

    That will trigger a cascade of promotions down the lines as majors, captains, lieutenants and sergeants are called up.

    "I think it's fairly unusual because when agencies get big enough they have figured out what their hierarchy is,” said Dr. Joe Khuns, of UNC Charlotte.

    The promotions will cost more money.

    "Money can always be an issue because we do have tight resources and we are trying to do things within the confines of not doing a tax increase,” said city Councilman Greg Phipps, who is on the Public Safety Committee.

    Some officers feel that the timing is not the best because they want a raise and more foot soldiers to help out and are worried about things getting top heavy.

    "They have obviously taken a look at their structure to see how they can be more efficient,” Phipps said.

    Channel 9 contacted the president of the fraternal order of police said he’s not overly concerned about the change.

    He said it's early and his board wants to hear more details.

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