CMPD hosts event to honor traffic victims on World Remembrance Day

CHARLOTTE — Leaders across the City of Charlotte came together to remember lives lost on our streets.

At Charlotte Mecklenburg-Police Department Freedom Division, officials with the Charlotte Department of Transportation, Sustain Charlotte, and others joined the police department for World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims.

All while having a larger discussion about the issues on the roads right now.

“It is the design of the streets, it is the speeds, it is the individual actions that are happening,” Director of the Department of Transportation for the City of Charlotte, Debbie Smith said.

She went on to explain that to reach a goal number of zero traffic deaths in Charlotte, each organization, every driver, and every pedestrian will have to work together.

Smith says the best way for you to keep yourself and others on the road safe is simple - drive the speed limit and drive without distractions.

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