Grandmother shot while asleep inside northwest Charlotte home, family says

CHARLOTTE — A grandmother in her 70s was shot in the foot while she was sleeping in her bed in her northwest Charlotte home Wednesday night, her son told Channel 9′s Jonathan Lowe.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded to the scene around 8:30 p.m.

It happened at a home on Rozumny Drive in a neighborhood near Brookshire Boulevard.

Channel 9 got to the home where a second-floor window was shot out. It is unclear if the gunfire came from inside or outside of the home.

The woman and her husband were sleeping when the shooting happened.

The husband, who did not want to be identified, showed Channel 9 bullet holes in the bedroom window, walls and behind a dresser.

“These young folks are shooting into anybody’s homes, and anybody can get hit and it showed last night,” the man said.

The couple has been married for 47 years.

“A senior couple,” he said. “A lady was shot. Somebody’s grandmother was shot and that just can’t be in Charlotte and the bell should be ringing. This violence is out of hand.”

‘The law has to change’

It has been a deadly year in Charlotte with 109 homicides, according to CMPD.

Charles Robinson is a pastor and community activist. His organization, One Time Inc., has been fighting against gun violence.

His group and several other organizations plan to head to Raleigh and speak with state legislators about ways to get tough on violent offenders.

“It’s time for us to have some tough conversations with those that represent us in Raleigh, because the law has got to change,” Robinson said.

They would like to see a change in the bail policy in the state to make it much tougher for violent criminals to bond out.

“If you go pull that trigger and take somebody’s life, you need to sit in jail,” Robinson said. “We don’t want you to have a bond.”

Legal experts said it’s not unusual for accused killers to get a bond.

“It’s too many times,” Robinson said. “We are thinking about those that are doing the shooting versus those who are being shot at shot into or killed.”

Advocates against gun violence are holding a Mega Mommy March on Jan. 7 at Marshal Park.

‘Out of the ordinary’

A neighbor said she has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and is now concerned about her own safety.

The neighbor said she heard gunshots after getting home from work on Christmas Eve.

Then she heard gunshots again when her neighbor was shot Wednesday night.

She has seen the couple who lives at the home.

“Very nice, friendly people,” the neighbor said. “This is out of the ordinary. This house, any house, it’s just kids and older people over here.”

The victim had non-life-threatening injuries, according to initial reports from MEDIC.

No arrests have been made.

No further details have been released.

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