CMPD: Several vehicles hit by gunfire in north Charlotte drive-by

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police are investigating after a man was injured by shattered glass during a drive-by shooting in north Charlotte Friday morning.

One couple who lives in the apartment complex said their apartment is riddled with bullet holes and several car windows were shot out as well.

Tarus Dowell said their children were in the apartment while he and his wife were getting ready for work.

"The first bullet hit the window, when it made the curtain move that's when I jumped. I hit the ground praying for the Lord to shield them cause I didn't know it was going to be that many shots," Dowell said.

The shooting happened around 6:15 a.m. on Tanager Park Drive, near Interstate 77 and Sunset Road.

Officers told Channel 9 two guns were used in the drive-by, one of them possibly an assault rifle.

Dowell said he was grazed in the head by flying glass, but initially he thought he had gotten shot.

"Actually I thought I got shot in the side because the debris that hit me was stinging real bad," Dowell said.

Nobody was hit by bullets, though investigators said several vehicles were struck by the gunfire.

Channel 9 crews could see dozens of markers on the ground in the parking lot and crime scene investigators collecting evidence.

The Dowells said they are thankful no one was seriously hurt and can share some nervous laughter about the situation.

"So I guess he does have a hard head?" Dowell's wife, Teryl, joked.

Police are still searching for who opened fire, but they have not released any other details.

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