Cold Case: CMPD meets with parents of 25-year-old man killed during home invasion

Josh Schulman was killed execution-style during a home invasion in south Charlotte five years ago and no one has been caught.

Police recently updated his parents in the cold case.

Larry Schulman and his son, Josh Schulman, who was 25 years old, were at home on Outerbridge Lane in August 2017 when at least two assailants broke in. The intruders assaulted and shot them.

Larry Schulman survived but his son died from the injuries.


“The group of detectives are all different than the ones that were there five years ago,” Larry Schulman said. “And in some ways, that’s good kind of a good thing with fresh eyes on things. This cold case detective was really reassuring. He said, ‘I close cases no matter how long it takes.’”

Officers would not release many details but talked more about the process, saying that DNA evidence has been entered into the Combined DNA Index System and that they are following leads.

Josh Schulman was an organ donor whose gift impacted six lives.

His mother, Andrea Domingue, said it was a special way to honor her only child.

“That people will remember him as the kind-hearted and gentle man he was and that he didn’t deserve to die with a bullet through his beautiful brain,” Domingue said. “And I want to ask people to pray that, at some point, they’ll catch these people that did this along with us. We pray all the time for their capture. Hopefully, they’re not out assaulting or killing anyone else.”

Call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 if you have information regarding this case.