• Controversial billboard to arrive in Charlotte

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A billboard that caused backlash in New York and Los Angeles is now making its way to Charlotte. SnoreStop said the advertisement will be in the Queen City in just a few weeks. It shows a soldier embracing a Muslim woman, with the hashtag: #betogether. 

    “We’ve had a lot of men and women say this is great. I feel this represents people I know,” SnoreStop spokeswoman Stephani Chapman said.

    But Chapman also said the advertisement has prompted some very negative reactions.

    “People have been calling it un-American, saying it’s a slap in the face to soldiers who have fought overseas for our freedom,” Chapman said.

    SnoreStop isn’t revealing the exact date or where the billboard will go up, but Channel 9 hit the streets to find out if this type of marketing will be welcome.

    “I know they’re trying to be cute, but I don’t like it,” Jennifer Almond said, calling it tasteless.

    Others told Channel 9 it’s not controversial to them, but they did take issue with using it to get a rise out of people.

    Eyewitness News asked SnoreStop if they were trying to spark controversy simply to sell their product.  

    “We don’t want to hurt people. That is not our goal,” Chapman said. “We understand that there are people who are going to be hurt by it, but we really do want to promote togetherness. And we want to promote diversity as well.”

    She said they’ve seen an increase in sales after the original billboards were put on display.

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