Couple married 37 years sets up picnic in bed of truck outside Mama Ricotta’s

CHARLOTTE — A local couple said they love to eat at Mama Ricotta’s on South Kings Drive in Charlotte but could not because of the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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So on Wednesday, before the ‘stay-at-home’ order went into effect, Charles and Susan Shepherd ordered takeout and set up a checkered cloth-covered table and chairs in the bed of their pickup truck in the parking lot outside the popular restaurant.

“The weather had been so bad, so it just felt like a sweet gift that it was a nice evening, and it was kind of a last opportunity for us to do that for a few weeks,” Susan Shepherd said. “So, we definitely enjoyed the evening. So, we had a little jazz music in the background and watched a little ‘Jeopardy.’"


They’ve been married 37 years and said spur-of-the-moment dates like this could be the secret to a long marriage, as well as getting through the pandemic.

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