Couple says mistake almost cost them on Cash App

James Tinsley says he and his wife were going with another couple to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He says they paid the person renting them the house a $187 deposit.

He says they sent the money through Cash App, but the person renting them the house didn’t get it. So he says he paid again and emailed Cash App to get one of the payments back.

They don’t blame Cash App. They say one of the parties made a tiny mistake, but that it was still stressful.

“They finally said that there was no resolution to the situation, they was going to close the account,” he said. “We thought we was just out of $187.”

“That’s when we contacted you guys,” he told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

Action 9 emailed Cash App and, a few days later, Tinsley emailed Stoogenke: “After you guys got involved, within about three or four days, we got our money back and we was happy.”

Tinsley said one of the parties entered the other couple’s information wrongly. A single wrong letter, number, or symbol can send the cash to the wrong person.

“Once you send the money, it’s gone,” he said.

Stoogenke exchanged emails with Cash App about its thoughts on the situation. The company responded but didn’t give an official statement.

Here is some advice when using Cash App (and some other mobile wallets):

  • Be very careful when you put in the other party’s information. One mistake and -- like Tinsley said -- the money’s gone.
  • At that point, all you can do is hope the person who received it notices, does the right thing and returns it. But that may be a lot to ask.
  • That said, you may be able to stop a payment that hasn’t gone through yet, but there’s no guarantee.

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