• Customer finds racial slur on restaurant receipt


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - One of Charlotte's most popular restaurants is apologizing to a customer who believes he was the target of racism.

    He brought that receipt to Eyewitness News, and when we took it to the company, it quickly took action.

    Quentin Brown's anger began when he looked closely at his receipt from Fuel Pizza on South Boulevard.

    "I couldn't believe it. I really couldn't believe, I didn't have any words and I didn't know what to think of it," said Brown.

    Brown said an employee at Fuel had typed a racial slur on the receipt and he didn't notice until his girlfriend pointed it out the morning after he visited the restaurant.

    It still bothers him.

    "I think we all know better, but I guess some people still have hate," said Brown.

    On Monday, Eyewitness News took those concerns to Zach Current, who is one of the partners who runs Fuel Pizza.

    "My entire body inside is trembling right now, to know that this event took place in a restaurant that I'm proud to put my name on," said Current.

    The CEO of Fuel also sent us a statement that read, "I have no patience or tolerance for people who disrespect or treat people badly on account of ethnicity or race."

    Current said the employee who wrote the word and is African American himself has since been fired and a supervisor disciplined.

    "Whether it was intended for the customer to see or not, our policy at Fuel is zero-tolerance for any behavior that's derogatory or offensive -- not just to the public but to our team," said Current.

    But Brown said he won't be back.

    The company told us that someone has since called Brown to apologize personally for what happened.

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