Customer shot in Steak ‘n Shake robbery says cook killed was ‘the hero'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Robbie Carpenter has been in a hospital for a week after he was wounded trying to stop a deadly shooting that happened at the Steak ‘n Shake on South Boulevard in south Charlotte.

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"He walked forward and when he did, he got shot and fell to the ground and after that, got shot three more times," Robbie Carpenter’s wife, Melissa Johnson, told Channel 9.

Carpenter is in stable condition after undergoing four surgeries.

(Robbie Carpenter)

“He stood in front of something so horrible, and he’s gotta think about that every day for the rest of his life,” Johnson said.

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Carpenter went into the restaurant for lunch but heard something wasn't right and tried to step in.

“He heard a confrontation going on, or whatever, and gunshots, so he got up and was going towards Mr. Harris,” Johnson said. “He was going to help him, and he got shot in the meantime of it all.”

Restaurant employee Darnell Harris was shot and killed by Eddie Doh during the attempted armed robbery.

Harris died trying to stop the gunman.

“He said it went so fast, and the only thing he could see was that man fighting for his life, and he couldn't help, and he tried to help, and he got shot," Johnson said.

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Carpenter has a message for Harris’ family.

“Robbie said that (Harris) was one of the most bravest human beings he had ever met and that he fought really hard for his life, and he said if anybody's the hero, it’s him,” Johnson said. “He’s the hero, and his life was taken just like that.”

Carpenter likely won’t walk for another three months.

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