Customers must wait longer for possible settlement in Samsung ice maker case

CHARLOTTE — Thousands of customers have been frustrated with their Samsung refrigerators. Many say the ice makers don’t work, leak or over-freeze.

“Over time, it started having some water leaking inside the refrigerator from the ice maker, and then, eventually, the ice maker started freezing up and it wouldn’t make ice,” Judy Barnes told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “So, our remedy was to get an ice pick and shop with the ice or even the old hair dryer and melt the ice away.”


She says it would work for a few days and then freeze again.

“We thought we were alone in this matter and then we saw a show that you had put on about it. And we thought, ‘Oh, this is a very widespread issue and we’re not alone in this anymore,’” Barnes said.

Nearly 60 people have complained to Action 9 about their ice makers.

Samsung sent an email to Stoogenke that read, “Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our continued focus is on providing our customers with innovative, reliable, and efficient home appliances.”

“We would like them to address the issue and be responsible, held accountable, for not just us, but everybody else that’s having the issues,” Barnes said.

Consumers filed a class action lawsuit in 2017. Many have been asking Action 9 for updates hoping they will get some money back in the case.

In October, lawyers in the case sent the judge a letter saying they were close to a settlement. They were supposed to report back to the court this week, and they did. However, they didn’t reveal much publicly.

VIDEO: Both sides may be close to deal on Samsung ice maker lawsuit

The judge set a new court date. He wants to hear from them by March 3 about their “efforts to finalize the settlement.”

Stoogenke will continue to keep you posted so, if there’s a way to get money, you’ll know how.

Stoogenke offers this advice to anyone who owns a Samsung refrigerator and is having problems with it:

VIDEO: Customers complain about Samsung ice makers