New development in Samsung ice maker lawsuit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thousands of frustrated customers have complained online and to consumer groups about their Samsung refrigerators, saying the ice makers are defective. It’s an issue Action 9 has been covering since 2017.

Leslie Bragg says her Samsung ice maker “leaks water and then, when it does make the ice, it freezes everything up together.”

“Half the time it doesn’t make ice,” Bragg said. “It’s just a mess.”

In fact, it leaked during her recent interview with Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke.

Bragg wants Samsung to be held accountable. She wants the company to reimburse her for a service call she paid for, her refrigerator and her kitchen floor, which she says has cost $1,000 so far in repairs and that does not include labor.

“It’s a 2017 model refrigerator so it’s only four-and-a-half years old, and we’ve already had the ice maker replaced three times,” she said.

Bragg is not the only person complaining.

Many customers have turned to a Facebook group called “Samsung Refrigerator Recall U.S.A. Now.” It has more than 95,000 members. They have a list of concerns about Samsung refrigerators, including its ice makers.

Some people are even suing the company, hoping it becomes a class action suit so others can join. They claim the ice makers on Samsung refrigerators with French door dispensers have ice crystals at the bottom, slushy ice, water under the crispers or running down the wall, and a noisy fan.

At this time, there has not been a recall issued on the refrigerators.

When Stoogenke contacted Samsung, it would only say that customer satisfaction is “a top priority.”

Stoogenke found out lawyers in the case filed a paper with the court stating the parties “have a settlement in principal and are working on final details.”

Both sides are supposed to report back by Feb. 15. The judge will have to sign off on any deal.

Stoogenke offers this advice to anyone who owns a Samsung refrigerator and is having problems with it:

- Document the problem(s) and take photos.

- Contact the store where you purchased the refrigerator. If the store can’t help you, contact the company directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG (800-726-7864).

- Be persistent.

- You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and depending on where you live, with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office or the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs.

(WATCH: Customers complain about Samsung ice makers)