Customers wonder if two tiny house communities will ever get built

Customers wonder if two tiny house communities will ever get built

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte developer advertised plans to build two whole neighborhoods of tiny houses.

Keyo Tiny Houses pitched one called Keyo Park East along Matthews School Road in Matthews, but the land is still just woods and there's no sign of work starting anytime soon.

Action 9's Jason Stoogenke emailed Keyo's owner four times since Sept. 20. He responded three times, but has yet to answer the question of what's going on with the project.

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So, Stoogenke looked for another way to get the information.

He asked the Town of Matthews if Keyo is free to break ground on the project. The short answer is no.

Town officials said Keyo still owes about $30,000 in fees, has to go through more reviews with the town and county and still has to get at least one more permit.

Angie Outen said she put down $4,000 on a tiny house a year ago. She said she was supposed to move in no later than this past April, but that didn't happen.

Crews still hadn't even started moving dirt, so Outen wanted a refund, but said Keyo gave her the runaround.  Finally, she turned to Action 9.

"I'm angry. I want my money. I'm just tired of dealing with this," she told Stoogenke. "I've been emailing, texting, calling."

The day after Outen met with Action 9, Keyo put a check in the mail for a full refund. The owner emailed Stoogenke saying it had nothing to do with Action 9 and that he was already going to give her money back.

Keyo's other project is called Keyo Park West, in west Charlotte's Coulwood neighborhood.

According to Keyo's website, the project would be 20 acres with 56 lots. Stoogenke went there last week and saw two tiny houses.

Stoogenke emailed Keyo's owner, asking where the project stands. The owner answered the emails, but didn't answer the question.

Action 9 asked Charlotte city planners if they have any details. They emailed Stoogenke back saying they don't.