• D.A. drops charge against woman who accused officer of excessive force

    By: Dave Faherty


    HICKORY, N.C. - A Lincolnton woman's family is demanding answers after she says a former Hickory police officer slammed her to the ground busting her lip and even breaking her teeth.
    Last month, Robert George was fired after he indicted on felony assault charges.
    Prosecutors dropped one of the original charges filed against Chelsea Doolittle during the November arrest.
    As she walked to the front of the courtroom, it was difficult to see any of the injuries Doolittle received the night of her arrest in Hickory last November.  
    "It is a reaction you can't describe. You're crying mad but you got to take her to get her some help," said her father, Brian Doolittle.
    Prosecutors said the case centers on what happened in a parking lot.
    Doolittle said George didn't like the way she parked her car.

    He asked for her registration and when she couldn't find it, he asked to search her car.
    Her attorney said when she asked if he had a search warrant, he got upset, pulled her out of the car and threw her to the ground.
    A camera at the Police Department recorded part of the arrest that night. Chelsea Doolittle and her attorney want to see that video.
    The city of Hickory filed a motion to keep it out of their hands.
    "Our position is that they are protected and cannot be released,” said city attorney Arnita Dula.
     Hickory police fired George in January and last month a grand jury indicted him on  assault charges.
    Brian Doolittle is not only Chelsea's father but also a police officer in Cherryville. 
    "To me, he went overboard. He went way overboard. I don't know what in the world with her being handcuffed he would have to hit or throw or whatever he did,” he said.
    TheDistrict Attorney’s Office dismissed the resisting arrest charge George filed that night against Doolittle.
    She still faces two other misdemeanor charges filed by another officer that same night.   

    Her attorney said he won't stop fighting to get the video. 
    "The video is crucial to defending her because the video shows … There is nothing more objective then what happens in a criminal case then a video,” said attorney Brad Smith.
    A judge from Mecklenburg County will hear the case later this month.

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