Decoded: DEA releases ‘Emoji Drug Code’ to warn parents about drug deals on social media

Law enforcement recommends that parents monitor their children’s social media activity for emojis that are secretly used for buying and selling drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Administration said kids are using emojis for dealing drugs.

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For instance, a maple leaf could mean “all drugs.”

A snowflake or cloud with snowflakes may indicate they are texting about cocaine.

The DEA released a chart called “Emoji Drug Code | Decoded” that shows that some emojis are used for drug transactions.

Officer Tim Aycock said the Matthews Police Department has seen cases where emojis are being used in drug sales.


“These people aren’t doctors,” Aycock said. “They’re trying to make quick cash off of you, so you have to take that into account. You don’t want to put something in your body from this person if you don’t know who they are -- or if you do know who they are. You’re not going to trust them to give you medication.”

Drug dealers use emojis to advertise the potency and amount of drugs they are trying to sell, according to the DEA.

Police said they want parents to be aware of what their kids are doing on their phones.

“Check their phones,” Aycock said. “Don’t be afraid to do that. It’s for their safety.”

People in the community who Channel 9 spoke with agree.

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