Parents say quiz at local HS asks students about being a drug dealer, assassination business

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — Parents in Cleveland County are expressing concerns about a quiz at Kings Mountain High School.

The test, which was for an economics class, asked students about being a drug dealer or running an assassination business.

Parents sent Channel 9 an email saying they learned about the test Wednesday night. A school board member said several parents reached out to him and that the superintendent is investigating.

At the school, parents are questioning the test where some of the questions read like this: “If Josh is trying to become a drug dealer, he is going to need some supplies like glassware to make his meth. Which of the four factors of production would glassware be?” The test also quizzes kids about “starting an assassination business that specializes in murdering rednecks with minivans.”

“Our kids are exposed to this on a daily. Why put it out there at school. I think it’s uncalled for,” parent Gwen Blanton said.

“Some kids you gotta use street stuff to get their attention. To get them focused on work and learning but going down that road, the way drugs are now. I wouldn’t have done it,” parent Chasity Holland said.

The Cleveland County School District sent Channel 9 a statement saying: “We are also looking toward making sure instructional materials appropriately align with the lessons and reflect the school’s values.”

Report Dave Faherty spoke with school board member Danny Blanton, who said he had received several complaints.

“I have seen it and I don’t like it. We shouldn’t be giving tests like that period,” Blanton said.

There was also a question about marketing meth during the holidays, “under the advertisement Merry Christmeth,” asking students to explain which factor of production that would be.

“You got questions from a test that’s putting it in their head. And that right there you start putting stuff in kids heads. He’s going too far,” Holland said.

Some former students posted that they didn’t have an issue with the test. Channel 9 asked the district if the grades for the test would count but have not heard back.

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