Dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to administer shots at large Rock Hill clinic

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Nearly 40% of people who have had a vaccine shot in York County have gotten it at the Galleria Mall, which has been made possible with the help of dedicated volunteers.

Some volunteers greet people, take their temperature and answer questions at the phone bank at the Rock Hill clinic.

There are medical volunteers who have worked tirelessly to administer the shot.

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The check-out crew ensures appointments for the second shot are scheduled.

“I’m basically traffic control at the check-in,” volunteer Lauren Mobley said.

Mobley tells people where to go once they enter the giant former department store, which is now full of desks, chairs, computers and lots of people.

Her love of people keeps her coming back.

“I love interacting with people,” Mobley said. “I love interacting with happy people. I told one of my flight attendant friends, I’m channeling her, except that nobody’s angry and nobody’s drunk.”


The clinic started giving 400-500 shots a day in January, which has increased to 1,200 daily.

“In a period in our country when it’s very easy to be negative about the state of people, and their attitude, and their apathy toward the world, it’s a testament to the fact that, that’s not true,” volunteer Tanner Davis said.