• Deputies seize 'starving' horses, charge Waxhaw man with animal cruelty


    WAXHAW, N.C. - Deputies in Union County arrested a Waxhaw man on Thursday and charged him with animal cruelty after they said his horses appeared to be starving.

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    Benjamin Moore, 47, was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and one count of allowing livestock to roam freely. He was booked into the Union County Jail and released on bond a short time later.

    (Benjamin Moore)

    According to the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Services deputies responded to a call in August at Moore’s home after two horses got out of their pasture and were wandering in the road.

    When deputies arrived, they found Moore putting the animals back into their pasture.

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    The deputies said they noticed both horses appeared thin and that the pasture forage was also thin.

    Moore told deputies he was supplementing their feed with grain, and the deputies said they recommended Moore have the horses checked out by a veterinarian.

    The Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to Moore’s home again last month after neighbors reported the horses appeared to be starving and were eating tree bark.

    Deputies noticed the fencing for the pasture was still down in several places allowing the horses to get loose and into the roadway.

    According to officials, after ignoring repeated requests to have the horses examined by a vet, repairing the fence around the pasture, and providing adequate food for the horses, deputies returned to Moore’s property on Jan. 17 and seized the horses.

    The animals were taken to a local rescue where they are currently being cared for.

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