Popular uptown restaurant improves health score after cited for many violations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A popular uptown restaurant improved its health score after getting several critical violations.

Dirty dishes, food touched with bare hands, roaches and no soap at an employee sink were just some of the violations found earlier this month at Ink and Ivy.

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The Health Department gave the restaurant a 78, which is a C rating, after an inspection on Jan. 9.

A couple weeks later, the restaurant rebounded with a 94.5 rating.

According to the inspector on Jan. 9, an employee was seen handling money, cleaning the customer eating area and then bare handling fruit into a drink.

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Inspectors found more than a dozen violations, including nine that were marked as critical.

In the kitchen, the inspector said there was an"overall lack of control" and raw pooled eggs were stored above butter.

None of the dishwashers were reportedly sanitizing dishes correctly and some dishes were still coated with a greasy film and heavy food debris.

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"Oh my goodness that's disturbing and I'm glad you told me because I was just going to walk down the street here to look for a place to have lunch," said visitor Rick Kennedy.

Additional violations listed in the report include dead cockroaches in the liquor room, food not being kept at the right temperatures and employees not washing their hands.

The restaurant previously received A's and B's on its inspections.

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