Diversion program helps keeps kids on right path, improves family communications

Life Connections is a diversion program in Charlotte that helps keep juveniles on the right path. Glenn Smith leads the organization that says its programs are designed to intervene the first time that kids get into trouble to break the cycle.

Smith said that putting teens in jail and throwing away the key doesn’t work.

“The reason I feel that there has been more crime, more violence is because there are not enough programs,” Smith said.

Life Connections provides mentor programs, vocational training and counseling.

Parent Charles Bryson said his kids got into trouble that could have landed them in jail, but they were given a second chance.

“Just having that positive reinforcement around them allowed them to make good choices versus the choices they were making before them,” Bryson said.

Life Connections doesn’t only benefit children, however.

“A program for the whole family to come together,” Bryson said. “Just better communication skills. Tools to come together as a family. We got into the mentorship program.”

Bryson said he keeps an eye on his boys, now in college, and knows where they are and it’s working.

(Watch below: CMPD announces ‘Adult Diversion Program’ to give young people a second chance)

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