Dogs rule in new Discovery Place Science exhibit

“Dogs! A Science Tail” opens on Feb. 3 at Discovery Place Science and will be on display through May 5.

CHARLOTTE — Did you know that more than 65 million American households own dogs, and more than half of all Charlotte residents are dog owners?

Now, through a highly interactive exhibition at Discovery Place Science, you can experience first-hand the way dogs see, hear and smell the world.

“Dogs! A Science Tail” opens on Feb. 3 and will be on display through May 5.

The exhibit shows how dogs have evolved over thousands of years from ancient wolves into the cuddly canines that live and work alongside us today.

Visitors can listen to hidden sounds that dogs can hear but humans can’t, excavate replicas of actual fossils to determine if they belong to wolves or dogs and test their pop-culture knowledge in a game of “Jeopawdy” based on the show Jeopardy.

“Dogs! A Science Tail” was created and developed by the California Science Center with support from Annenberg Foundation and Wallis Annenberg PetSpace.

Entrance to the exhibit is included with museum admission.

Tickets can be purchased online at discoveryplace.org.

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