‘Don’t take it as a sign’: Mint Hill couple to get married via Skype during pandemic

'Don't take it as a sign': Mint Hill couple to get married via Skype during pandemic

MINT HILL, N.C. — Many engaged couples who were supposed to be getting married this month are now postponing their weddings.

A Mint Hill couple is still finding a way to get married: virtually.

There’s so much that goes into a wedding: the venue, the flowers, and of course, the dress.

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Danielle Burnette planned her dream wedding with her fiancé, Ismael Cruz. They were supposed to get married on Sunday.

“And then, the coronavirus,” said Burnette.

She said it’s been an emotional turn of events.

They postponed the wedding ceremony until August without losing any money, and they're still going to exchange vows on Sunday.

Their pastor, who lives in Washington state, will officiate via Skype with family members watching on Facebook Live.

“The family will be there without being there, so they are all safe in their homes,” said Burnette.

On Sunday, they plan to have a simple ceremony in a neighbor’s backyard barn.

“We are saving the real beautiful moments for August,” said Burnette.

The couple knows that other couples will face this same challenge.

Their advice is to try to remember that couples have each other, and regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Cruz said, “Also, don’t take it as a sign.”