Driver of catering van cited for doing donuts, taking part in dangerous stunts, CMPD says

CHARLOTTE — Officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department caught a catering van driver doing donuts on Sirona Drive in southwest Charlotte.

It is part of the police department’s efforts to shut down meet-ups and towing vehicles taking part in dangerous stunts.

The driver of the catering van was cited and the vehicle was being held for evidence.

It was one of many busts on May 20 when a group of vehicles, including stolen ones, was seen at several locations.

On May 14, police said they witnessed White Chevy Silverado doing donuts near pedestrians and other vehicles at the intersection of Statesville Road and Sunset Road.

The driver of the Silverado, 19-year-old Luke Opyrchal, was arrested and charged with reckless driving. The vehicle was towed and is being held as evidence, too.


Since February, CMPD said it has made 22 arrests, towed or seized 56 vehicles, and issued 94 citations in connection with street takeovers.

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