Man claims driver shot at him, son during drive home from Panthers game

CHARLOTTE — A 12-year-old boy was riding with his dad after Sunday’s Carolina Panthers game when they said another driver tried to race them and then started shooting.

Willie Holley said the shooting happened on Shamrock Drive at Hickory Grove Road in east Charlotte.

Holley and his son, Chris, were on their way home when he said another car pulled up behind them and the driver revved the engine, signaling that he wanted to race. Holley said he didn’t want any part of it but when he pulled away from the stoplight, he and his son heard three gunshots.

“My whole thing was to get my son down because he was still shooting,” Holley said. “And I lost control a little and turned in the first neighborhood and made sure my son was alright.”

Holley showed Channel 9 reporter Mark Becker where three bullets had shattered the rear window of his car. Chris Holley said he saw the whole thing happen.

“All I saw was the gun out of his car,” the boy said. “All I could say was ‘Dad, duck!’ but he was in the middle of shooting.”

One or more of the bullets hit Willie Holley in the back, and others lodged between the front seats. They all missed Chris.

Once they were out of danger, Willie Holley managed to drive himself to the hospital, but said he didn’t call police right away because he had been drinking after the game and was worried that police might ask him about that.

He said he regrets that, and is hoping that telling his story will help police find the man who could’ve killed them both.

“It was no way this could’ve been prevented,” Holley said. “I’m just blessed.”

Holley said the other car was a red Mustang with a young driver. Police said they have not yet made any arrests.

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