• Drivers posing as Uber employees reported in Boone


    BOONE, N.C. - A customer in Boone realized they were in the wrong car and the driver appeared to be posing as an Uber employee.

    A real Uber driver saw it all unfold.

    The fake Uber driver was seen driving the same car on separate occasions.

    An Uber driver reported seeing a customer who requested his services get into another car. The customer got out shortly after and said the driver acted suspiciously. The customer then got into the real Uber driver's car.

    On Wednesday, the same real Uber driver saw the same car, a gray Toyota Camry with a Florida registration, attempting to pick up fares in front of popular bars on West King Street.

    On Sept. 24, a group of girls in Boone reported an assault after taking what they believed was an Uber ride, also in a gray Toyota Camry.

    The description of the driver was very similar to the person described in the other two incidents.

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