'Emperor' demands payment from Channel 9 naming Piper Glen squatter

A man tied to the Moorish religion contacted Channel 9 Thursday and claimed that the station owes tens of thousands of dollars every time the name Ninti El Bey is mentioned on air and online.

El Bey is the woman accused of squatting in a Piper Glen home in Charlotte.

For months, Channel 9 has been looking into criminal and legal battles involving people who claim to be Moors.

Some of them claim that they are sovereign and not subject to U.S. laws.


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Someone posted on reporter Blake Hanson’s Facebook page that Channel 9 and Hanson owe money for reporting those stories.

A man who identified himself as Empreror Omari Jibri wrote that because Channel 9 said Ninti El Bey on air, the station and Hanson "are currently using and have used (private intellectual copy claimed property)." The post is signed by Moorish Consuls for Ninti El Bey.

Jibri said the TV station and Hanson owe $10,000 for each time the name was used.
In addition, the person said Channel 9 and Hanson owe $100,000 for each day the name is on www.wsoctv.com.

Through Jibri's Facebook account, Hanson found an Instagram page with what appear to be his photos and others.

Federal court documents show that Jibri previously used the name Omari Jibri Brunson.
Records show that he was convicted of an armed robbery in Concord in 2005.
Though the case has been closed for four years, he filed documents earlier this year changing his name in that case to Emperor Omari Jibri Brunson El Ra Bey.
In another filing, he wrote that he is sovereign and "no such laws, nor their enforcers, have any authority over me."
Channel 9 reported Wednesday that El Bey is suing police, the city and the county for $600 million.

Channel 9 learned Thursday that she is also suing the Piper Glen Homeowner's Association for $600 million.

Eyewitness News responded to the Facebook post asking to interview Jibri. He said that we didn't have consent to "advertise" his "corporate name".  He also asked for a list of questions, which Eyewitness News declined to do. He then demanded Hanson address him as "emperor" which Channel 9 would not agree to.

Channel 9 reported Tuesday about another local member of the Moorish faith who is under scrutiny.
After a heated meeting, the Mecklenburg County tax assessor ruled that Dianne Carter El Bey did not deserve religious exemptions on her Matthews home.
El Bey claimed that her home is owned by the Moorish Science Temple and she hosts Bible studies and holy nights there.
The county is trying to figure out if she owes thousands in back taxes.

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