Eviction moratorium still ends March 31 despite latest stimulus plan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The President signed the stimulus package Thursday, but one thing it doesn’t change: the eviction moratorium. That still ends March 31.

So, come April 1, landlords can once again start moving forward with evictions for renters for not paying rent.

Shelby Lynch said she stopped paying rent in July. She said she did what she was supposed to -- she signed the CDC form, swearing she couldn’t afford it and her landlord sent her a notice which confirms she’s facing eviction for failure to pay rent, not something else.

In other words, she’s exactly the kind of renter the eviction moratorium was designed to protect.

“Am I worried? Extremely. I do not want to be a homeless senior in the City of Charlotte,” she told Stoogenke. “I pray a lot ... It’s a tough thing, but I just keep moving, keep hope, keep exercising, keep eating, keep reading.

There are rumors the federal government may extend the deadline, but Channel 9 hasn’t confirmed that. So is the state considering it? Stoogenke asked Governor Cooper’s office Friday. It said he’s “review[ing] whether to extend” it.

If you need help paying rent, there are resources out there, but it can be tough. Check out some resources here.

If you feel your landlord’s going to evict you unfairly, contact Legal Aid.

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