• Ex-Panther Rae Carruth takes back word on pursuing relationship with son after jail


    Former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth is taking back his word about having a relationship with his son Chancellor Lee Adams when he's released from prison in October.

    Carruth, who is serving jail time for orchestrating the murder of Cherica Adams, sent a letter to the Charlotte Observer.

    The letter, post-marked Feb. 21, says, “I now understand that any notions of me one day being welcome to Sunday dinner is totally out of the question."

    Channel 9's coverage on Saundra and Chancellor Lee Adams:

    The letter continues on to say, “I will no longer be pursuing a relationship with Chancellor and Ms. (Saundra) Adams. I promise to leave them be, which I now see is in everyone's best interest."

    Cherica Adams was pregnant with Chancellor when she was shot and killed in 1999. Chancellor survived and was born prematurely with cerebral palsy.

    (Saundra Adams, Chancellor Adams)

    Saundra Adams has raised her grandson, Chancellor, since he was a baby.

    Nearly two weeks ago, Carruth wrote a different letter, calling Saundra Adams a “Godsend” for raising his son Chancellor, but then said he would like to be considered an option for Chancellor’s care when Saundra Adams is no longer able.

    (Cherica Adams)

    Carruth also accused Saundra Adams of capitalizing on the situation, even calling her arrangement a “hustle.”

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